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Sunrise at BZN
A January sunrise over the Bridger Mountains and Bozeman Airport

Bozeman, Where your Montana Adventure Begins

If you are reading this you are in the process of exploring, or have already made the decision to visit Bozeman, MT. Regardless of the case, you are making the right choice. There few places in the world that offer such abundant wildlife, unspoiled wilderness, small town charm, and unique natural features. Whether your desire is to explore the geothermal formations in Yellowstone National Park or the pristine waters of the Madison River, Bozeman is the right place to start.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport at Gallatin Field (BZN) will likely be your starting point for your Montana adventure.

This website exists to assist you, the visitor, in making the right decisions to get the most out of your Montana experience. We are not an official airport website, we are a website written by local Bozemanites who work in the travel industry that have learned from the mistakes made by other visitors to Bozeman.

Bozeman, and Montana in general is not an easy place to navigate if you haven’t been here before. There are many small things to us locals that we take for granted and nobody seems willing to share with our visitors. For some reason, Montana is not willing to accept that tourism is the way forward. Well, I do, and I want to make sure that you, the potential visitor, will make the most of your trip.

We will do our best to disclose the places to go, what to see, and what to do here in Montana so you do not waste your time and money. We of course will not tell you all of our secret spots, but we may share a few.

Here are a couple of the most basic tips.

Buy local. Montana is one of the few places left in America where you can buy locally farmed produce, ranched beef, hand made goods or frequent individually owned businesses. Save the Big Box and Chain stores for when you go home.

Experience Small. Take the time to explore some of Montana’s small towns. Just outside of Bozeman we have small towns like Wilsall, Willowcreek, and Ennis that you can still saddle up to the bar and make new best friends.

Get off the paved roads. The majority of visitors to Montana and Yellowstone National Park will never get off a paved road. It is impossible to truly experience Montana from the highway. Get off the pavement and explore; just make sure you have the right rental car and maps!





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