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Renting Bear Spray

Coming to Yellowstone- Rent, don’t Buy your Bear Spray!

Hey everybody- it seems the aviation world is a-buzz about the TSA making a formal announcement about Bear Spray being prohibited on all aircraft as revealed in the post from them yesterday.

But guess what, that isn’t a big deal, you are much better off renting bear spray anyway. Here is the deal, you can go to REI or Sportsman’s Warehouse and by a can of bear spray (which is non-returnable FYI) for $45. You can then throw it out at the end, or try to give it to someone in the airport.

Or, you can rent it for $25 for a week, get a professional tutorial on how to use it and how to act in grizzly country (which is IMPERATIVE if you do not want to get eaten), and you can save an extremely dangerous item from going to the landfill.

Conclusion: renting makes sense. It is less expensive. You get the value added education. It is much better for the environment.

Our friends at Explore Rentals, who’s shop is just 1-mile east of the entrance to the Bozeman Airport, are the first company in the US to rent bear spray, and (allegedly!) they have never had anyone get eaten.