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Off-airport parking at BZN?

Cheaper parking with better service for BZN does exist

Off-airport parking is nothing new, but it is now for the Bozeman Airport

Recently our ‘sources’ have brought to our attention a company that is offering discounted airport parking for BZN. Well, this is not exactly true- but it is pretty close. We recently had a chat with Will Casella, owner of the off-airport rental car and gear agency Phasmid Rentals who is beyond this new company, Bozeman Park and Shine.

Unnofficial Bozeman Airport Guide (UBAG): So, please explain to me how and what Bozeman Park and Shine is?

Will Casella (WC): Well, even though parking at the Bozeman Airport is pretty reasonable in the grand scheme of things ($7/ day for ‘economy’ and $10/ day for ‘premium’) it is still paying for nothing, and that bothers me. Especially in the winter when your flight arrives at 11:00pm and you are worried if a) your car is going to start b) if you will break your leg walking across the parking lot, and c) if you can even find your car buried under 3-feet of snow. And to have the opportunity to pay for such a privilege! So I figured there has to be a better way.

Discounted off-airport parking exists at pretty much every other airport in the world, however, there are a couple of issues at hand with the Bozeman Airport that have led us to tweak our offerings away from standard cheap parking. First, the price. $7 per day is pretty reasonable. Charging less than that is tough to justify from a business perspective. Further, we just do not have the volume of parkers to get into the whole shuttle bus, cheap parking model. So we figured that instead of charging less for the same product, we will charge the same for a completely different product- and this is how Bozeman Park and Shine came about.

The first business I ever started was an Autodetailing business when I was 12, so cleaning cars is nothing new to me. So why not combine the convenience and reduced price of off-airport parking with something every one loves; a clean car and actually getting something for your money!

UBAG: So please explain to me how it works.

WC:  First, you call or email in advance to schedule your drop-off. Next, at the appointed time you stop off at the office, right off of the Frontage road a mile and a half east of BZN. A member of our team then jumps in your car  and drops you off at the departures terminal. On your return to Bozeman, call the office when your flight lands and a member of our team will pick you up right outside of arrivals in your freshly cleaned car. As a result: you no longer have to slip across an icey parking lot, you don’t have to worry about your car starting, and your car looks like new.

UBAG: This sounds luxurious! So how much does this cost?

WC: This is the thing, what we charge is the same price, or less, than what Bozeman Airport charges for parking only. Typically for a week of parking and a very thorough exterior hand car wash we charge $49- same price as the airport parking. Right now, until February 28, 2013 we are running a promo: $35 for up to a week of parking and an exterior car wash.

UBAG: That is a smoking good deal, especially considering I do not think there is an automatic car wash in Bozeman that is less than $10. Anyway, what if I do not care what the outside of your car looks like but want the inside cleaned?

WC: Not a problem. We handle everything from basic inside cleaning to full detailing. All for typically less than our auto detailing competitors. We are able to do this because our wash bay and cleaning goods are all paid for by our main business, the rental cars, lowering our operating costs. We also work with a number of local providers who are able to complete other tasks to your car while you are gone; windshield repair, oil changes, tires, and even mechanical repair. We can get all of those unpleasant things you have been putting off doing done- while you are away.

UBAG: So I can be playing golf in San Diego and you can be doing all of my dirty work. I like it, sign me up!

Editors Note:

Bozeman Park and Shine is located at Phasmid Rentals, 32 Dollar Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714. www.BZNparking.com, info@BZNparking.com, 406-922-0178.